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Day 7: Closing in on the Cape Wrath Finish

26th May 2018

It was another longer day for the runners in the Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 with yet more superb views as the runners continued north towards the finish line at Cape Wrath (tomorrow).



The day’s total was 38 miles – with several fairly big climbs – through remote moorland, surrounded by rounded mountains and remote sea lochs. A highlight on the route was Eas a' Chual Aluinn, the highest waterfall in the UK.


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1322

Running through a fabulous scenery of rocks, moorland and water. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


At the end of the day, participants ran a five-mile section on a tarmac road. For some this came as a relief after many miles of wet moors, while for others the hard tarmac only added to the pain already felt in their tired muscles and joints.


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-7550

Hot tarmac at the end of Day 7. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


The end point at Kinlochbervie offered a stunningly beautiful seaward vista for tired eyes.


The sun has continued to shine and while breezy in places, the heat has been difficult for many participants.


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1414

Smiles on day 7. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Day 7: Inchnadamph to Kinlochbervie

Distance: 61km (38 miles)

Total ascent: 1,600m (5249ft)

  • XT = 24%
  • ST = 28%
  • DT = 35%
  • RT = 13%




Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1489

Enjoying the views. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


The stats on day 7

  • Still 'competitive': 113
  • Non-competitive: 33
  • Retired: 31


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1436

Many people said it was a runnable course today. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


News from the front

As on previous days, Robert Barnes, England, retained a strong lead at the front of the field. He is now 2 hours and 26 minutes ahead. As he passed by on his way to CP3, he said: “The scenery is lovely, as ever, and the terrain is not too bad. I am doing good.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1588

The hot sun made it a hard shift for many runners. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Today, Jamie Ramsay regained some of the time he lost yesterday due to a sore ankle. The Gore ambassador is hugely enthusiastic about the event. He said: “This is one of the best races organised by beautiful people. I have also greatly valued the support of fellow runners.


“My ankle is still sore and now I have a hamstring pain but I am back running and determined. Just two days ago I thought I would have to give up but somehow I am ok again. I am so pleased and I am looking forward to the finish tomorrow.”


Jamie also widened the gap with fourth placed Paul Ainsworth (1) today. Paul, of England, said: “I am hot and struggling today. Maybe I used up all my energy already.”


Jim Mann, England, retained his second place today. He reported that he has been feeling better and better with each day that has passed after struggling with illness and fatigue earlier in the week.


He said: “I am still not 100 per cent recovered and I am still not that spritely but I am getting there. Today is nice terrain and I liked the section where we had to navigate on the moorlands. That suits me.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-1763

The scenery was described by many runners as some of the best of the race. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Top 3 runners

  1. Robert Barnes (7), England, 42:52:46
  2. Jim Mann (112), England, 45:18:45
  3. Jamie Ramsay (32), Gore ambassador, 46:23:26


In the female race, Carol Morgan, Ireland, remains in the lead with growing advantage. She is now ahead of Sarah Witter, England, by three hours. Carol said: "That was a long and hard day but very beautiful."


I ran a short way today with second placed Sarah today. She said: “I am very surprised to find myself in second place in this race. It is only my second multi-day race and that was the Grand to grand. Before that I had done only a couple of marathons.


“I am enjoying the Cape Wrath Ultra although it is very tough. Day 4 was my worst day and I really struggled but I just have to try to keep going."


With Carol in a strong position at the front, Sarah is focused on keeping her second place. She said: “It’s good to have someone behind me in third to push me along.”


Karoline Hanks (68), South Africa, stays in third place although she reduced Sarah's by around 30 minutes today her. She said: “I am finding it tough today.


"The terrain is gnarly and all those bogs! The navigation has been quite hard, too. I also have a bit of a muscle pull in my leg so that is sore. But, generally, I am okay.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 7 FIONA-7498

Reaching the well-organised campsite every night is a relief for runners. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Top 3 females

  1. Carol Morgan (124), Ireland, 51:50:55
  2. Sarah Witte (187), England, 54:47:49
  3. Karoline Hanks (68), South Africa 55:49:59


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