News - Sat 26th May 2018 - David Smith Reveals His Race Strategy - Cape Wrath Ultra

David Smith Reveals His Race Strategy

26th May 2018

On Day 7, there were 120 still competing in the Cape Wrath Ultra.  I have heard many people saying: “Slow and steady gets there.”


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David says he has greatly enjoyed the race.


David Smith (156), England, is still part of the race and he told me his strategy for completion. He said: "I am not here to race but to finish but I am pleased that I have made it through every day and not missed the cut-off times."


David was attracted to the Cape Wrath Ultra because he once missed out on reaching the north-westerly point. 


He said: “ I once cycled in the north-west of Scotland but the ferry wasn’t running and I didn’t make it all the way to Cape Wrath. Doing this ultra meant I could have a chance to reach that point."


David has a slow and fast day strategy for the race. He said: “I always aim to be at the finish by 7pm so I have time to properly recover for the next day.


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David is delighted with how his race has gone.


"So, on shorter mileage days I go slow and generally walk. I walked day 1 and walk-jogged day 2. Then on the longer day 3 I pushed it harder so I could cover all the miles and still make it to camp in good time to recover.


“I walked day 4 and 5 and then pushed hard on day 6 again because that was a longer day.


“Now, on day 7, I am just trying to get through. The strategy appears to have worked for me because I am doing fine and have no major injuries.


“I am looking forward to making it to Cape Wrath tomorrow.”


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One of David's poles has the name of 'angels' on them.


David, of Chesterfield, is also raising money for Sands, a charity close to his heart after his step-daughter had a stillborn child some four years ago. He runs marathons and half marathons dressed, frequently as Scooby Doo, to raise money for charity.


Since 2000 he has raised around £70,000 and since 2014 when he started raising funds for SANDs he has collected £15,000.

David said: "I run about 20 races each year and road races and training has been mostly what I have done before the Cape Wrath Ultra. It has not been ideal but I am still going well."

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