News - Thu 24th May 2018 - Day 5: Running Through the Great Wilderness of the Fisherfields - Cape Wrath Ultra

Day 5: Running Through the Great Wilderness of the Fisherfields

24th May 2018

Another shorter day, although still a mile longer than a marathon, the runners headed into another great Scottish wilderness area, the Fisherfield Forest.



It is a place famed for its remote location and spectacular scenery of high-rise mountains, including ridge-backed An Teallach. Part of the route crosses the path to Shenavall bothie, a popular hiking destination for reaching the summit of six of Scotland’s most remote Munros.


The weather continued to be sunny, clear and hot. One runner said: “It seems like every time the Cape Wrath Ultra comes through here it is warm and sunny.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -0880

Running through the great wilderness of the Fisherfields. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Day 5: Kinlochewe to Inverbroom


Distance: 44km (27 miles)

Total ascent: 1400m (xxx)

  • XT = 18%
  • ST = 36%
  • DT = 36%
  • RT = 10%



The stats on day 5

  • Still 'competitive'139 (108 men, 31 women - 177 started on Day 1)
  • Non-competitive (still travelling with the event to run future days): 18
  • Retired (left or leaving event): 20


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -0999

British runner Ian Goodenough. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Faster and feeling fitter


Looking surprisingly fresh and speedy, some of the first runners made quick progress through the Fisherfields and on to a short section of road to reach the only manned checkpoint today just south of Dundonell.


From the checkpoint, the final section included a steady climb and a zig-zagging descent but on a smoother track that many runners greatly appreciated.


Jim Masters is usually one of the first to set off each day and today he was the first to reach the checkpoint at about 11:15am. He is suffering with a niggling Achilles but he remained in good spirits. He said: “I like to be up early and out running so that I can get to the campsite in time to recover properly.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -0968

Jamie Ramsay is running strong and in third place overall.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Another early riser and runner is Gore athlete Jamie Ramsay, who lies in third place overall. He said: “I am feeling good again. This is one of the most exquisitely beautiful places I have ever run through and I am feeling great about the day’s running.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -6327

Jim Mann is in second place overall. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Jim Mann who has looked a little tired for the past couple of days, although still sitting in second place overall, seemed a lot stronger and happier today. He even had time to share a few words as he flew past. “I am not bad. Good actually!”


Sarah Witte and current leader Carol Morgan seem to defy nature – and logic – and look fitter as the days go by. Speaking to Carol as she descended towards the Dundonell CP, she said: “I am having a very nice holiday! ”


Karoline Hanks, in third place, said: “I am feeling good today. Better than yesterday and the day before. This is such a nice race.”


Top three runners

  1. Robert Barnes (7), England, 27:56:27
  2. Jim Mann (112), England, 29:22:21
  3. Jamie Ramsay (32), Gore ambassador, 29:36:37


Top three females

  1. Carol Morgan (124), Ireland, 31:54:06
  2. Sarah Witte (187), England, 34:47:49
  3. Karoline Hanks (68), South Africa 36:03:26


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -1000

Incredible views = smiling participants. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


So many upbeat runners


Filippo Faralla (55), of South Africa, was very positive this morning. He said: “I seem to be moving up a position each day and that is good. Maybe I will be in the top five by the end.” He finished today in fifth place overall. (Blog ed: He will be very pleased about this!)


Filippo added: “I am enjoying the race and the terrain, mostly. I am from Cape Town, South Africa, and we have similar rocky trails and fell paths but we do not have the Scottish bogs. Oh, they have made the race hard on some days! But really I am having a great time.”


As English runner John Knapp (92) set off today, he said: “I am really up for today. I have a few aches and pains but nothing more than being in my 50s.


“Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in the mountains, with those views from the back of Beinn Eighe, and I am looking forward to more great scenery today.”


As he ran through the Fisherfields, he added: “I am feeling good, just as I hoped I would.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -0989

 Runners take in the splendour of the Scottish Fisherfields. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


David Bloore (13), of England, was also feeling good today. She said: “I feel like I am getting better every day and today is great because I can run with a strong and open stride. It is great.”


Thomas Staun (160), of Sweden, said: “It is hot out here today but I feel a lot better after stopping at a very cold stream.”



David Dean showcases his head cooler... a.k.a. a Lidl dishcloth soaked in cold stream water.


David Dean (42), England, had a great tip for other runners as he tackled the hot trails of today. He was running with a dishcloth on his head. He said: “The dishcloths are £1 for five from Lidl. I soak one in cold streams and put it on my head. It’s really cooling.”


Derek Hamilton (67) is originally from Glasgow and now lives in America. He said: “I had never run more than 50k before this event and while I have done a few mountain marathons before none of them are like the Cape Wrath Ultra. It is a challenge and so tough but it is still enjoyable. And the scenery, it has has been fantastic, especially today.”


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -6402

The runners cool off in the fresh, cold water. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -6520

The stunning mountain backdrop.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 5 -6550

A bright yellow and fragrant gorse beside the trail.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


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