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Later On: Day 3 of the Cape Wrath Ultra

22nd May 2018

Having spoken to many runners in the first stages of day 3, we caught up with them again as they headed towards the finish point at Achnashellach.



Most runners had greatly enjoyed the sunnier, clearer weather. While some thought the more “runnable” course was a bonus after yesterday’s wet and rocky trail through Knoydart, others found it hard.


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 3 700PX-0554

Enjoying a long day of run-hiking. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/JHPvisuals


Alex Berry (12), of Scotland, said: “I actually found today harder than yesterday because more of the course was runnable, while yesterday I simply had to push myself on while mostly walking. It was a long day.” Overall time 25:08:06.


Jim Mann (112), of England, had a tough day. He simply said: “It was very hard.” Overall time 19:17:32 (In second place.)


As the runners made their final descent of numerous ups and downs throughout the 68km, many were struggling with sore legs.



A runner descends towards the camp. Credit:


Henrik Ortman (132), of Sweden: “My legs hurt. That is all.”


IMG_7107 (1)

Mike: "It was brutal... but good." Credit:


Mike Lester (103), of England, said: “It was great that I could run a lot more of today but it was another brutal day.” Overall time 23:42:59.



Lee Parker hit a "lull". Credit:


Lee Parker (135), of England, said: “I started well today but then at 35 miles I hit a lull. It felt so tough after that.” Overall time 22:17:09.



Paul after crossing the finish line. Credit:


Paul Ainsworth (1), of England, had a similar experience, although earlier in the day. He said: “I was going well and running with a group. But as we headed up towards the waterfalls I started to feel tired. I was dehydrating, I think.


“I tried to keep going but then I stopped and made myself eat and drink properly. After that I felt much better.” He came home with a big smile on his face. Overall time 19:45:07. (In third place.)


Jamie Ramsay (32), a Gore ambassador, also finished with a big grin. He said: “That was a very good day. I am not trying to compete but I run according to how I feel and I felt quite strong today. It was a lovely day.” Overall time 20:03:20.


Ian Goodenough (62), England, said: “I have had a great day. Really good.” Overall time 24:35:12.


Glenn Tait (164), British, said: "It was harder than I thought it would be but there were some euphoric moments and then some very hard times. I am pleased to be here at the camp now." Overall time 29:37:39.


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 3 700PX-5501 

Jumping a puddle on the final descent. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/JHPvisuals


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 3 700PX-5590

Jim Mann (in second place after 3 days) closes in on the finish.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/JHPvisuals


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 3 700PX-5621

A sign pointing the way across a river.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/JHPvisuals


Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 DAY 3 700PX-9887

Smiles at the finish at camp 3.  Credit: Jimmy Hyland/JHPvisuals



Top 3 places after day 3


Top 3 male places

  1. Robert Barnes (7), England, 18:32:30
  2. Jim Mann (112), England, 19:17:32
  3. Paul Ainsworth (1) England 19:45:07


Top 3 female places

  1. Carol Morgan (124) of Ireland 21:01:18
  2. Sarah Witte (187) England 22:02:40
  3. Karoline Hanks (68) South Africa 23:46:14


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