News - Tue 22nd May 2018 - Late news: Catching up on Day 2 - Cape Wrath Ultra

Late news: Catching up on Day 2

22nd May 2018

As we published the Day 2 overview blog last night, there were still a few runners on the course. Many people were taken by surprise by the terrain, hills and cold on a very wet day in the remote wilderness area of Knoydart.


Yet, still, most people were smiling as they made their way across the finish line – and then headed straight to the catering tent for much-needed hot food. It is uplifting to see the seemingly limitless high spirits of so many runners – and from so many different countries.


'We just made the cut-off'

Three runners ran towards the finish line just before the cut-off time of 11pm. George Daams (37), of The Netherlands, and Lorraine Lawson (100) of Australia, came in at 10.55pm.



Lorraine and new-found friend George at the finish.


Still impressively up-beat, Lorraine said: “Oh, I have had a great time out there and I am delighted we have made it back in time. It was hard and I lost some time when I stopped to help others who were not having a good time. They were cold so I wanted to help them, But, you know, I loved it today.”


The two runners met about half way through the day. Lorraine added: “It has been good to have the company.”


Richard Takata (165), of Canada, had only a minute or so to spare before the 11pm curfew. He said: “It has been a very long day. I have used up too much energy and I need to eat. I am relieved to have made it just in time.”


While Lorraine and Richard planned to continue with the race the following day, other runners had sworn they would retire the next day. However, a volunteer was heard to say: “Oh, I don’t take anyone at their word when they say they will be retiring just after they have finished a tough day. Instead, I wait until the next morning. It is surprising how a good meal and sleep can make all the difference to someone’s race.”


The last runners arrived at the finish line at close to 11.30pm, although this meant they would not continue as competitive runners. (Organisers encourage people to carry on running, where logistically and physically possible, for the rest of the course.)


The weather and terrain took its toll on a number of participants. Day 3 started with 163 runners, down from 177 on day 1.



Overnight camp 2 at Kinloch Hourn ©Summit Fever Media


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