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Into Fisherfield and the Second Half of the Cape Wrath Ultra

26th May 2016 @ 09:00

This morning participants in the Cape Wrath Ultra set off for day 5, moving into the second half of the course. There are many miles behind them and many more to go.


Day 5 - Sticking together to keep spirits high

Day 5 - Sticking together to keep spirits high ©


As they set off from the metropolitan facilities of Kinlochewe it was another fine morning, with the promise of a fine day ahead. It is still cold, around 5C this morning but it’s the northerly winds pushing the Atlantic depressions and the rain further south, so it’s a small price to pay. The race is being very lucky with the weather but they bold enough to stage this event, and the participants were bold enough to take it on, so it’s well earned luck.

The rivers too remain low which is crucial. Talking to a local B&B owner she said, “It would have been very different last week. It’s only this week I’ve let the dogs in the rivers for fear of them being washed away”

Today’s route takes everyone  into the Fisherfield Forest, which believe it or not is a step up in remoteness – the participants will feel more alone in the wilderness today than ever. There are no trees in the ‘forest’ – some large areas of Scotland are known as forests ... but they have no trees!

As everyone set off through the village they were mostly cheerful, but all showing the signs of the 4 hard days behind them. They now look different to when they set out – their faces have a pinched and haggard look, puffy around the eyes, they are all suntanned and ‘weathered’, and their gait depends on the state of their aching muscles and blistered feet.


Day 5 - still smiling!

Day 5 - Still smiling ©


Luke Robertson said this morning, “The blisters are bad first thing. You just have to get through it and they are less painful later in the day.”

Not everyone was hanging in though. Pavel Paloncy said, “I had bad days 2 and 3, too hot I think for me, but I felt better yesterday and am getting stronger now.”

Frederic Coppens of Germany looked like he was feeling the opposite as he headed out along an estate track into the hills. He was looking worn and weary already and just muttered, “I’ve had better days.”

Words by Rob Howard @ Sleepmonsters 

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