News - Mon 29th Feb 2016 - Live GPS Tracking provided by YB Tracking - Cape Wrath Ultra

Live GPS Tracking provided by YB Tracking

29th Feb 2016

Update: 21st May 2016

Follow the participants and event team on their 8-day journey north to Cape Wrath. The spectacle begins on Sunday 22nd May, 10am and will finish on Sunday 29th May.

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We are delighted to confirm that YB Tracking will be providing the GPS Trackers to be carried by the participants at the Cape Wrath Ultra™ this May.

The YB Trackers use the global Iridium satellite network to communicate their precise location in real time. This information will be publically available for friends, family, and other interested parties to follow the race, and will also provide a crucial safety check for the organisers. The YB Trackers have excellent battery life, are fully waterproof and very rugged, and weigh just 303 grams. Full details available on YB Tracking's website.


We will be providing a detailed feature on the use of YB Trackers in March, which will be the next in a series of guidance articles for participants:

The YB Trackers have a two-way text messaging system so that the organisers can communicate with participants in the event of an emergency. There is also a Red Alert Emergency button that can be used in a ‘threat to life or limb’ emergency to summon help.

The YB Trackers will need to be attached to the participant’s rucksacks or placed in the very top pocket of the rucksack, so that the antenna gets the best possible view of the sky. Participants should consider this as they decide how they will pack their rucksack as the YB Tracker will need to be carried as well.

More information will be available at registration.

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