News - Fri 1st Jan 2016 - Happy New Year - 2016 Event Update - Cape Wrath Ultra

Happy New Year - 2016 Event Update

1st Jan 2016

Above: Knoydart. Cape Wrath Ultra™ route
© Ben Winston

Welcome to 2016!

The inaugural Cape Wrath Ultra™ is just 5 months away. This is a magical moment for preparation because there is still sufficient time for training to an extent that it can make a big difference to the chance of completing this awesome challenge.

Over the winter months there is also the chance to assemble and test running equipment and, perhaps more importantly, to prepare mentally for the challenge ahead. For our sister events like the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ we certainly see that participants starting the event with both their equipment and their heads sorted tend to do much better.

Every winter the north-west of Scotland takes a battering, and rivers, bridges and paths can change slightly… or be swept away entirely! If you are recce’ing sections of the route and discover any significant changes, we would certainly appreciate it if you could share this with us.

As the anticipation of the event grows, we would like to take this opportunity to share some more information about our plans.



The limit for entries will be 150 participants. This is a great starting place for our ambitious event and journey, but there are a small number of entries remaining that we would love to fill. If you're game, then we would be delighted to bring your adventurous dreams to reality!


Video Flashbacks:

If you haven’t already seen them, get ready to soak up the incredible landscape of north-west Scotland here:


Webinar Q&A Flashback

Our first ever webinar took place on Tuesday 1st December, for which we received some great feedback. We hope we addressed most of your questions, but just in case and for the benefit of those unable to attend, here is a summary of what was discussed and a downloadable audio file.


FAQs Flashback

We are continually updating our event FAQs as we receive and answer questions from our participants. These FAQs are a rich source of information about the event. Please take some time to read these over the winter to ensure you are informed and prepared for the event in May.


Facebook Group (Participants & Team Only): 

This is a closed group just for participants and event team members. Once your membership is approved, please feel free to post, comment, share and discuss your training plans, kit requirements, lift-sharing, nutrition, midge-strategies...



We can confirm that the assembly venue is the Nevis Centre in Fort William. This is where registration, briefing, kit check etc. will take place on Saturday 21st May.  The Nevis Centre is very conveniently located near supermarkets, outdoor stores, eateries, accommodation, and the rail and bus stations.

We would like to clarify that accommodation for the night of Saturday 21st May 2016 is at the participant's discretion and will not be provided. For those wishing to camp, Glen Nevis Campsite is only 4km inland in the stunning Glen Nevis.

In Durness, we are using a mix of Community Centre, Campsite and Pub: More on this later. For now, just Google 'Sango Sands (beach)' and be stunned!


Car Parking

Some participants will be leaving a vehicle behind in Fort William and we are organising a location for this. This parking facility will almost certainly be an area of unsecured normal open parking in Fort William, near the Nevis Centre, with cars left at your own risk (although we don't expect a problem). Alternatively you may be able to leave your car at your Saturday night accommodation (you will need to arrange this directly), or in any street in Fort William (that is not paid parking). Please note that the Nevis Centre car park or other paid car parks must not be used as they get busy with other events; your car might be clamped or towed away, so please plan ahead.



On the eve of the event (Saturday 21st May), and immediately after the participant briefing, there will be a wholesome buffet meal for participants and the event team. All the event team members will be there and our experience from the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ is that all the participants also choose to attend for what will be an excellent, friendly and relaxing get-together before the event kicks off the following morning. As this buffet is optional and not included in the entry fee for the event, there will be a small charge if you wish to join us. Further details in the next update.


The Route

The route is unchanged and, as always, is exceptional!

As the UK has already had 3 significant storms this season, in early spring we will check and research as much as is practical. If you are recce’ing sections of the route and discover any significant changes we would certainly appreciate it if you could share this with us.


The Map

We are already sharing and revising drafts of this custom waterproof map with Harvey's. And it looks just like the actual reality - pioneering! It will be a tremendous memento of the event. When we have a suitable version to share we will upload low-resolution thumbnails to the website, so that you can see the way that it is designed and paginated.

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