News - Tue 1st Dec 2015 - Q&A Webinar - Tuesday 1st December - Details - Cape Wrath Ultra

Q&A Webinar - Tuesday 1st December - Details

1st Dec 2015

Starting at 1900 (GMT), there will be a short introduction about the Cape Wrath Ultra™ followed by an open ‘Question and Answer’ session until ca. 2000. This is chance for both participants and anyone interested in entering, to listen in, and ask any questions they may have. Available to answer your questions will be Race Director Gary Tompsett, and Event Director Shane Ohly. This will be our first webinar and hopefully a great way to help our participants feel relaxed and prepared for the adventure ahead.


What to expect?

Audio comms will be one-way only - only Shane or Gary will be speaking and/or visible at any one time. Please ask questions and otherwise interact via text chat and we will do our best to both reply quickly via text and address popular questions in the audio presentation.


joinme_logoHow to join?

Option 1) On a desktop computer? Use any browser to visit - nothing to download (easier to use than downloading the desktop application/program)

Option 2) On a phone or tablet? Simply download and launch the app and enter meeting code capewrathultra in the 'join' box (no need to login/sign up!). 

Then, just click the phone/audio icon and select 'Call via internet'.

You'll only be able to see and hear us if you're using the first option - desktop computer. On mobile/tablet apps you'll just be able to hear us.



IF, once you've joined the webinar, you can’t hear what's being said by Shane or Gary, please click the phone/audio icon and select 'Call via internet'. A small download might be required if doing this via a web browser on your desktop computer. Remember, your voice won't be heard by anyone else whatever happens - chat to us via the text option.


What if it's just not working for me?

Fear not, technical glitches can happen. This is our first time using this system and bandwidth, user count, or incompatibility issues could arise. If you can't make it work for you, we intend to release a recording of this webinar and produce a summary of events as soon as possible on Wednesday 2nd December.


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