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Cape Wrath Ultra 2016 - Further Details Released!

30th Oct 2015

We are very excited to be able to present to you the latest updates for the Cape Wrath Ultra™ including the fantastic trailer below. Having been busy (enthralled – to be honest) determining the best routings and overnight locations during our comprehensive reconnaissance, we are now able to present a detailed breakdown of the eight Day Stages. Please follow the links and you will reach the various updated web pages.


Cape Wrath Ultra™ 2016 - join us!

Watch the Cape Wrath Ultra™ 2016 trailer NOW! Who is going to join us in 2016?

Posted by Cape Wrath Ultra on Friday, 30 October 2015


Inaugural Event Sell Out?

First and foremost, there are now 125 participants entered, and the entry limit of around 150 looks likely to be reached. The strong message from the organisers is to enter now, if you want to be sure of standing on the start line next May. 


Participant Resource: Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ's

Race Director Gary Tompsett has been considering the most likely questions we will receive from participants. Some of these have already been asked, and some we are answering pre-emptively. But we hope this comprehensive resource will be a useful starting point for participants as they prepare for the 2016 Cape Wrath Ultra™. MORE HERE


Webinar: Tuesday 1st December 2015


Starting at 1900 (GMT), there will be a short introduction about the Cape Wrath Ultra™ followed by an open ‘Question and Answer’ session until 2000. This is chance for both participants and anyone interested in entering, to listen in, and ask any questions they may have. Available to answer your questions will be Race Director Gary Tompsett, and the core Ourea Events team of Shane Ohly and Tom Hecht. This will be our first webinar and hopefully a great way to help our participants feel relaxed and prepared for the adventure ahead. How to join?


Route Confirmed

We are now confirming details of the Cape Wrath Ultra™ route. The start and Overnight Camp locations for each day, the daily distance and height gain is now available MORE HERE.



An artistic interpretation of the Cape Wrath Ultra™ route

Event Map

In a slight change to what was previously announced we will now be providing participants with a single event map at registration. The event map is an accurate, waterproof, pre-marked and annotated Harvey map of the entire race route that has been specially commissioned by us. It will be a fantastic memento of the race. If the participant is confident and experienced enough with map and compass navigation they will be able to complete the event, following the race route, using just the event map. MORE HERE


We are now able to provide a GPX of the entire route that can be loaded onto a GPS (download links in the ‘Route Information’ section) or mapping software. It will be possible for participants to follow the race route using just a GPS device. MORE HERE


Following the Route

We expect participants to stay within 200m of our advised route at all times. In practical terms, for the majority of the time this is very easy as our route generally follows the only path or track on the ground: it is the only logical way. At other times, where there is no visible path on the ground, you will have flexibility to range within 200m of the route so that you should feel little pressure to follow our route precisely at all times and can enjoy the incredible wilderness experience to the full. 

However, there are Passage Points and Checkpoints, which participants will need to visit along the route. These are not tests of navigation but logical points that competitors will pass through. MORE HERE


Checkpoints (CPs)

Checkpoints are always manned. Each Checkpoint is marked on the event map, along with its associated Cut-Off time. The CP is accessible via a vehicle or boat and at these locations it is possible for participants to retire. At each Checkpoint we will be providing emergency support and it will be possible to summon a medic to these locations based on the Medical Teams’ priorities and your immediate needs. Some of the Checkpoint locations are very remote and participants should be aware that it may take the best part of a day to catch up with the event (and their personal kit) should you retire. Departure Cut-Off times will apply to all Checkpoints - these will be as generous as we can allow. MORE HERE


Passage Points (PPs)

Passage Points are generally unmanned points. Each Passage Point is marked on the event map along with its associated Pace Guidance Time (see below). Participants are monitored via their satellite tracker to ensure that they pass through them. For example, Passage Points will often be specific points on a river, where participants must cross. The Passage Point maybe a bridge, or a location where we intend to deploy our Mountain Safety team (to manage a river crossing, if conditions are poor). (Note: Some bridges are small wire suspension bridges). Pace Guidance times will be shown for all Passage Points - just to keep you on track. It is crucial that participants pass through the Passage Points so that we can safely manage the event. MORE HERE

CP's and PP's will also likely be included in any future and final .GPX files. MORE HERE


Overnight Dry Bags

In a slight change to the information previously provided we have increased the size of the Overnight Dry Bag from 60L to 80L. We would recommend the heavy duty 79L Ortielb PS490 but participants can use any brand as long as it is 80L or less. There is a weight limit on the Overnight Dry Bag of 20kg. Please note that the maximum size and weight of participants dry bags will be strictly enforced. MORE HERE

What Next?

The latest details will augment what we had described to date on the website. There are no great changes to distances or the nature of the event. It remains brilliantly adventurous, committing and stunning. Every single day. We look forward to meeting you in late May next year, and before then if you have any observations on the event, any questions, and perhaps any feedback - if any of you venture out onto the route pre-event - then we’ll be glad to hear from you. Also from now, we will endeavour to give Newsletters and updates at every month end, all designed to help you best prepare for the event. Indeed, we still have some scene-setting media images from this year to share with you!

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