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Blister Treatment Kit

To complement our Guidance on Foot Care for Participants article, we are delighted to offer participants (and any other interested parties) a limited edition Blister Treatment Kit for purchase.


Blister Kit

Above: The complete Blister Treatment kit weighs only 103g and contains sufficient supplies to see most participants through the 8 days of the Cape Wrath Ultra™


The Blister Treatment kit is safely packaged in a re-sealable weatherproof bag and contains the following:

  • Sterile Scalpel Blades (size #11) x8
  • Steropore Sterile Island dressings (6cm x 7cm) x8
  • Sterile cotton swabs (5cm x 5cm) x10
  • Hydrocolloid Carnation Hydro Blister Plasters (large) x8
  • Profoot Moleskin Roll (7cm x 45cm) x1
  • Clinell 2% Chlorhexidine Disinfection Wipes x8
  • Blister Treatment Instructions (printed on waterproof paper as per: Guidance on Foot Care for Participants at the Cape Wrath Ultra™)

Starting at £22.95 for UK delivery:


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