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Day 6: More Highs And Lows Across The Field

25th May 2018

There are some participants who remain steadfast in their cheerfulness throughout the Cape Wrath Ultra 2018. There are others who have found it a tough event from the very start and, at times, they have looked very challenged. But for most people, there is a mix of highs and lows.


The ups and downs can change by the hour or by the day and as I have run sections of the course chatting to people while they run or walk, I’ve been amazed by how quickly their mood can go from low to high or high to low or many versions of high and low all in one day.


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Feeling on high. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


'How are you feeling today?'

I gathered a few soundbites from runners in the first half of the race today.


One of the last runners to leave the camp at Inverbroom was Oliver Lutte (109), England. He said: “I love the casual start times of the Cape Wrath Ultra because it allows for people like me who are disorganised.


“Yesterday was not good for me because I was tired and very disorganised. I had to retie my laces almost as soon as I started, then my headphones didn’t feel right and then I made a navigational error. Today, while I am starting late again, I am more hopeful of a better day.”


Peter van der Heijden (172), The Netherlands, said: “Today is good. The forest trails are easy and it is good for running. This is the kind of thing we can train for in Holland!”


Mike Lester (103), England, said: “This is such beautiful running.”


Simone Durry (50), Germany, said: “ The running is good. These are much easier trails than on other days.”


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Lots of emotions on the Cape Wrath Ultra 2018. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Michael Burke (24), England, agreed: “These are beautiful trails and I am feeling great.” Michael is raising money for the charity, MIND. He added: “I have been feeling good for a lot of the week. I am hopeful of raising as much money as I can through doing this big challenge.”


Jakob Ljungberg (107), Denmark, said: “So far, the trails are better than yesterday for me. It is easier to run on forest tracks.”


Katherine Welch (184), America, said: ”This is a brilliant today. Some days have been much harder but today is very good.”


Derek Hamilton (67), Scottish, said: “My knee was bad yesterday but the swelling is less now and I am running better.”


Irene Evison (54), England, enjoyed the wildlife today. She said: “The scenery seems less interesting on this section but I have seen and heard many birds and also butterflies. It is wonderful.”


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Runners enjoy good days and bad days. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


'We’re not having such a great day'


David Dean (42), England, was not having a great first half. He said: “I think I am still digesting breakfast and I don’t feel too good so far. I had my best day yesterday.”


Richard Lander Stow (97), England, said: “It is harder somehow today although the trails are runnable and that is good for getting the miles in. It is mentally tough now.”


Filippo Faralla (55), of South Africa, was very upbeat yesterday but he was not having a great start today. He said briefly: “I am struggling a bit.” His partner Karoline Hanks, who is in third place in the female race, explained: “Filippo was up a lot of the night vomiting. He has not been good at all. I am very surprised he is running. But he is determined.”


Alex Berry (12), Scotland, has been enjoying a great race until a couple of days ago when she went over on her ankle. Today as she struggled on, she said: “I am in every imaginable amount of pain. Sore knees, sore ankle. It is the hardest day of my life but I want to finish.”


Edgar Koster (95), The Netherland, was suffering badly today. He said: “I have a big blister on the sole of my foot. It is so very painful today. I don’t think I will be able to complete the day and I am disappointed about that.”


Making new friends

Throughout the race, many people have made new friends and found new companions.



"Nicky and the tendonitis heels"


Nicola Sommers (158), England, and Owain Millington (119) Scotland, have been running together since day one. On day 2, Ian Heywood (76) joined their merry running gang.


Then, on day 3, Glenn Tait (164), who is from England and lives in Edinburgh, became the fourth member of the group of friends.


Nicola has named them: “Nicky and the tendonitis heels.”



Tim and Julie on the forest trails today.


Julie Pritchard (142), England, and Tim Phillips (140), English (living in Spain), were running buddies today.


pals 2

Kirsty and Kate enjoy day 6 together.


Kirsty Reade (146), England, and Kathleen Fogelberg (56), American, were race chums today. They met while Kirsty was doing a few stretches earlier on. Kirsty said: "It is nice to have someone to chat with and we seem to be going at the same pace."


Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 21.26.05

Ultra friends. Credit: Jimmy Hyland/


Friends Thomas Van Roost (174) and Johan Hollants (78), both Germany, have run every day together. “We are doing well,” they told me.


Husband and wife team

Dan Jensen (820, Denmark), has been running the entire race with his wife Pia Barner Neve. Dan stopped to chat in the first half of the day. He said: “I am supporting my wife in this event and we have had many good times and also some difficult times. We are still married though!”


“The worst day for me was the cold and wet run through Knoydart. My lower arms and hands seemed to get so cold and that made it very difficult for me.


Pia found the last section of that day along the side of the loch so hard. It really wasn’t an easy trail. It was a brutal day.


“Apart from that we have both been generally fine. I am pleased I can support her.”


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