News - Sun 20th May 2018 - Day 1: Soundbites From Runners On The Course - Cape Wrath Ultra

Day 1: Soundbites From Runners On The Course

20th May 2018

As chief blogger, I took the time to run with some of the participants on the course. As they finished the final 10k of day one, I caught up with a variety of runners.

The overall atmosphere was up-beat, enthusiastic and smiley. Many runners were delighted by the views. Most appeared to be taking it easy, although not all, and some new friendships had been created along the trail.


Jim Mann

Jim Mann crosses the finish line ©Jimmy Hyland


Jim Mann (122), England: “Happy to have finished. I got a bit lost but came in second. I pride myself on running further than the rest of the participants!”. Finished 2nd in 02:40:51



Giovanni Bryssinckx 


Giovanni Bryssinckx (23), of Belgium: “I am not used to the hills and I found the descents tough. The weather is also like home, so that has been fine. I have really enjoyed the lovely scenery. It is all good today.” Finished in 3:25:18




Markus Weber and Rob Eustace, right


Rob Eustace (53), England: “I am not so good at the winding descents because we do not have many of them around where I live near Windsor and my feet are a bit sore but the scenery has been great. I am fine.” Finished in 3:30:12.

Markus Weber (182), Germany: “Today has been good overall.” Finished in 3:30:54.


Alan Lui


Alan Li (105), England: “My calf has held up. I am happy. I will be paying attention to my recovery later.” Finished in 3:33:01.



Karoline and Angus


Karoline Hanks (68), South Africa, with Angus the cuddly mascot: “I have found today quite hard. My hips are painful but mentally I am okay. I will be fine.”

Finished in 3:34:03.





Elisabeth de Vries (40), The Netherlands: “I keep expecting to hear the tunes of Highlander. This scenery is so beautiful.” Finished in 4:23:44


Kit Hayes (73), North Carolina: “I have never been north of Fort William in Scotland before and I am loving it. I am lucky because I am used to the trails although we do not have so many bogs back home. I am reminding myself this is day one, the easier day, and I am looking forward to the days when it gets harder.” Finished in 4:25:09.



Colin Egan and Graeme Hornsby 


Colin Egan (52), Scotland, and Graeme Hornsby (80), England, were running together in the last stage of the race. Graeme said: “We have greatly enjoyed today. We have had an easy pace and we have enjoyed the companionship of running together. It is good to meet people and to be able to run with them. The scenery has been great, too.”

Colin finished in 4:27:19 and Graeme finished in 4:25:14.


Juan Venturello, (175), Columbian from Switzerland: “I have taken today very easy. That was my aim. I feel fine.” Finished in 5:35:07.



David Dean


David Dean (42), England, was spotted relaxing with crisps and a glass of red wine (“I am sharing it, I promise,” he said) in the closest hotel to the campsite, The Glenfinnan House Hotel. He said: “Today went well but I went a bit too fast. I meant to take about five hours but I finished in 4:38. I have had problems with my stomach but today it seemed to be okay. So I am pleased with how the day went although I may end up paying for how fast I went.” Finished in 4:38:07.

Read the full race report for day 1.

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