News - Wed 2nd Dec 2015 - Q&A Webinar - Summary & Download - Cape Wrath Ultra

Q&A Webinar - Summary & Download

2nd Dec 2015

Thanks for joining in our first ever webinar on Tuesday 1st December. We hope it worked out for you ok and we addressed your question, but just in case and for the benefit of those unable to attend, here is a summary of what was discussed below. A downloadable audio file recording of the webinar (ca. 1 hour) is HERE.


Questions Discussed & FAQ links

  1. Midges - how bad could they be? See Weather and Natural Environment - 5)
  2. Airport/Station pickups - Sorry, we can't logistically arrange pick-ups but can offer information about transport links to and from the Event Centre at Fort William
  3. How runnable is the course? See Terrain - 1)
  4. Recharging GPS Devices? Sorry, we simply haven't got the capacity at our remote camps to offer this much power! See Support and Services - 1)
  5. Family/friends want to say hello/run with en route? Yes AND no - see Support and Services - 3)
  6. What about the field that have already signed up? There's quite a mixed bag of experience here - See who's signed up.
  7. Mobile reception along the route? Simply - expect little to none at the majority of campsites and along much of the route!
  8. GPS navigation - is it compulsory? No - see Navigation AND Equipment 1)
  9. GPS Devices - best options? Honestly - one that works for you with good battery life you can self-recharge from a battery pack or takes removable batteries - see Equipment
  10. 'Short coursing' - there is no short coursing at the Cape Wrath Ultra™ (sorry if that wasn't clear) - please see Cut Offs - Checkpoints & Passage Points
  11. Nutrition - please see our dedicated Food page and also the Nutrition Study undertaken at the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race in 2012 for advice on calories and to help reassure on the vegetarian food we provide.
  12. Volunteering - interested? See our volunteering page.
  13. Maps to recce the area in advance? We're using Harvey maps for the event. See their website for the North & South Sheets (also available separately)
  14. Whisky? Well, we'll try our hardest to source some. All donations welcome ;)
  15. Forum/group for participants to discuss all things training, nutrition, lift sharing and more? Yup, covered - see our closed Facebook Group

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